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A More Natural Home

Ciera Dastrup

We leave this Friday on our first ever international trip with Marloe. Not only is our house a mess from packing, but last week we cleaned some closets out, and we still haven't found places for a lot of the stuff we moved around. I get crazy anxious from all the messes, and have felt extremely overwhelmed. Then, a package from Whispering Willow came in the mail last week and all was well!!!!

Whispering Willow is a family owned company that makes handcrafted natural bath and body products using only the best organic & essential oils. There is something so very soothing about the smell of essential oils in the house, that just brings a calmness and relaxation to everyone.

One of my favorite products of theirs is the Lavender & Flack Seed neck pillow. I warmed it in the microwave, and put it around my neck while I was folding laundry. Oh my word you guys, I could have fallen asleep right then and there!

Ever since I have gotten it, I heat it up every night before bed and wear it before I fall asleep. It makes my whole room smell like lavender!!

They also make great soaps, and have one in my kitchen, and one in my bathroom. Soaps are a big deal to me. My husband used to buy those .79 cent soaps from the drug store, and thought all soaps were the same. Except those soaps dried my hands out, and had loads of weird ingredients. Natural is better, and these Whispering Willow soaps not only smell heavenly, but my hands feel soft and amazing!

I rounded up some of my favorite Whispering Willow products for you all! These not only are awesome household products, but would make great gifts!

Thanks Whispering Willow for sponsoring this post*