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Home + Interior

Nursery Upgrade

Ciera Dastrup


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams. The opinions and text are all mine. I truly believe in every product/company I feature, and appreciate your support*

A few weeks ago I was invited to tour the HGTV Dream Home 2018 in Gig Harbor, WA. I am a big fan of HGTV, and was excited to get a first tour of the  home!!  This year’s Dream Home featured the Quiet Comfort Color Collection from HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams. Each Color Collection includes 20 paint colors that are carefully  selected by a designer to work together in any combination. The  HGTV Dream Home 2018’s interior was painted with these beautiful colors, and each room's color complemented the next. It was amazing to see every color flow so well together, and even the furniture and decor was inspired by the gorgeous shades. I have been wanting to do some paint projects in my own home, and was excited to get some inspiration from the  HGTV HOME™  by Sherwin-Williams Quiet Comfort Color Collection.

I found out that on average it takes a staggering 103 days from the time consumers decide they’d like to paint their home, to completion of the project. Each Color Collection helps create room-to-room harmony and encourages homeowners to try colors they normally wouldn’t. I got inspiration for not only paint color, but also ways to decorate and style my home with the Quiet Comfort Color Collection. 

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with our second girl, and in full-on nesting mode. I have been getting our home organized for our upcoming arrival, and one of the last things on my list is to paint the nursery. Since we are having another girl, I decided it would be best to let our daughters share a room. We are in the process of buying and fixing up a home, but in the meantime I want the temporary home we are in now to feel tranquil and comfortable when we welcome our new baby. 

The color of the nursery was painted before we moved in, and it was just plain dull white. It felt very blah, and didn't bring enough light or whimsy into the nursery. After touring the HGTV Dream Home 2018, and seeing the colors used from the Quiet Comfort Color Collection, I went into my local Lowes to see the paint colors for myself--and to get a better idea of what color to choose for our nursery. I was impressed with all the colors, and had the hardest time choosing...because any of them would have worked out beautifully! I finally decided on the color Greyish (HGSW2447), and we went straight to work painting.

I LOVE the way the nursery turned out, and feel so much happier even just walking into that room! I can't wait to see Marloe, and our new sweet baby playing in there together. I didn't change up much of the furniture, but was inspired to add some paintings and decor on one of the walls above the crib. I even painted some frames using the color Snowbound (HGSW4062) from the of HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Quiet Comfort Color Collection! Hope my simple nursery transformation inspired you to make some updates in your own living space! Head to Lowe’s to see the colors for yourself, or click HERE to learn more.


Creating the Perfect Fall Atmosphere

Ciera Dastrup


Fall is in the air here in Seattle. The leaves have changed, and have begun to fall onto the ground. The air is crisp, the city streets are filled with Halloween decor, and pretty Fall pumpkins line the steps of every home. Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. It brings so much happiness to me to decorate and bring the aroma of Fall into my home.

I have already visited three different Pumpkin Patches, and decorated every nook and cranny of our home. Not only is Fall decor my favorite, but I love filling my home with the scents of Fall!! I am featuring one of my favorite Fall candles-Thymes "Simmered Cider Mug" Candle, which comes in a reusable copper mug! It fills my home with the most amazing smell of freshly-pressed apples mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, with hints of bourbon and malted rum. I swear it smells like I am cooking warm apple cider, and I truly feel like I'm in heaven every time I breath in!!! I ordered my candle off of Amazon, using my Amazon Prime membership. It comes fast, and is super easy to order!

Today I am sharing a post I put together earlier this month featuring the products that help you bring the perfect Fall atmosphere into your home! I rounded up some of my favorite products, that are perfect for Fall decorating!


Candles are the perfect way to bring in the atmosphere of Fall. I recommend this Thymes "Simmered Cider Mug" Candle, that I talked about above. Buy it and try for yourself. 


Warm fuzzy blankets, shaggy rugs, and comfy-cute pillows are a great way to help your home feel warm and inviting in the chilly Fall season!!! I love lots of layered blankets on my couch/bed, and always have a folded stack somewhere where we can easily get to them on cool Fall nights! I change my decorative pillows A LOT (just ask my husband), and I love mixing and matching throw pillows to create the coziest Fall room. 


Pumpkins, pumpkins, EVERYWHERE! I buy decorative pumpkins, real pumpkins, and just about pumpkin everything to spruce up my home for Fall. Pumpkins are great from Halloween to Thanksgiving, so I fill up my house with them!!!


Boots, scarfs, mittens, and long cozy socks are what these cooler months are all about. I use them to decorate my home as well. I keep a bin by my door with warm scarfs and mittens in all different Fall shades, so they can easily be grabbed as we head out the door!


I have so many mugs that I use everyday! I love warming up next to the fire with a mug full of cider or hot cocoa. I also decorate with my mugs, by hanging them on the countertop, or keeping one next to my bed when I need a drink in the morning or night!

World Market Fall Favorites

Ciera Dastrup

I am a huge huge fan of World Market, and have been fortunate enough to live right next door to one when we lived in Albuquerque, and now Coltens work is right next to one here in Seattle! YAY. It's one of those stores that I could just shop & shop in for hours! I love changing up our home, and decorating for the different seasons. Fall decorating has got to be my FAVORITE season to decorate for. I recently visited my local Cost Plus World Market and rounded up some of my Fall decorating faves for you all!

Happy Healthy Home

Ciera Dastrup

I have always been a health conscious person, my whole life I made sure I put the right things in my body, worked out daily, and even used cleaning products with toxin free ingredients. BUT, never not once did I think about the air I was breathing in my own home.

I love love walking through my front door into my home, and having it smell fresh and clean. I love it when friends or neighbors stop by, and tell my my house smells amazing. I had candles going, air fresheners spraying, and scented wall plugs throughout my home. Little did I know, many of those products use harmful chemicals & disperse them into the air. The same air my family is breathing!

I recently found Enviroscent, a new type of home fragrance company. "In an industry littered with corrosive solvents, headache-inducing sensitizers, chemical propellants, and landfill-bound devices, we set out to be different. We're not in the business of making "less-bad" aerosols, plug-ins, or candles. Our vision is to deliver the finest home fragrances in a new, low-footprint way. We believe the Enviroscent way is a better way. Our vision is based on four principles. - Better Products - Better Scents - Better Packaging & Supply Chain - Better Ourselves"

Not only are they a much better option for my family, but they make them in modern ways that can easily be styled into any home. I put mine in Mason Jars, because I love the pop of color it brings into the room through the clear glass. They smell amazing, and my husband and friends are constantly commenting on how good my home smells. I LOVE THAT!!!! You can learn more info on them here, and shop for them at Walmart or online!

All my opinions are my own. Sponsored by Enviroscent*


A More Natural Home

Ciera Dastrup

We leave this Friday on our first ever international trip with Marloe. Not only is our house a mess from packing, but last week we cleaned some closets out, and we still haven't found places for a lot of the stuff we moved around. I get crazy anxious from all the messes, and have felt extremely overwhelmed. Then, a package from Whispering Willow came in the mail last week and all was well!!!!

Whispering Willow is a family owned company that makes handcrafted natural bath and body products using only the best organic & essential oils. There is something so very soothing about the smell of essential oils in the house, that just brings a calmness and relaxation to everyone.

One of my favorite products of theirs is the Lavender & Flack Seed neck pillow. I warmed it in the microwave, and put it around my neck while I was folding laundry. Oh my word you guys, I could have fallen asleep right then and there!

Ever since I have gotten it, I heat it up every night before bed and wear it before I fall asleep. It makes my whole room smell like lavender!!

They also make great soaps, and have one in my kitchen, and one in my bathroom. Soaps are a big deal to me. My husband used to buy those .79 cent soaps from the drug store, and thought all soaps were the same. Except those soaps dried my hands out, and had loads of weird ingredients. Natural is better, and these Whispering Willow soaps not only smell heavenly, but my hands feel soft and amazing!

I rounded up some of my favorite Whispering Willow products for you all! These not only are awesome household products, but would make great gifts!

Thanks Whispering Willow for sponsoring this post*