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Fitness + Health

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Living a Healthy Life

Ciera Dastrup


Healthy living is so very important to me. So often I get asked what "diet" I am on! Oh my gosh, I loathe that word so much! Dieting is all about cutting certain foods out of your life for a 'period' of time to loose weight. Then once that time is up, people usually go back to their usual routine and gain all the weight back they lost! It's a never ending cycle, and I honestly don't get why people are still dieting! Just STOP! You need to look at eating and getting healthy, as a lifestyle change. Start cooking, use real ingredients, look at what you're putting into your body, and STOP going out to eat all of the time. Easy as that.

 I realized shortly after Highschool, that I needed to focus more on what I was putting into my body. Throughout my young life, and up through high school I danced 40 hours a week. It was my life, and food was never really an issue because I burned off nearly every calorie I ate! I would eat super late at night after practice, and it usually consisted of cereal or something easy to make. Once I graduated, and the dancing just kind of stopped, I saw a small change in my body and I didn't like it. I began exercising regularly, and decided to learn a little bit how to cook and feed myself properly.

When I started dating Colten, and we got engaged, I went food crazy. I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, chocolate, and just about everything I loved. I ate an excessive amount of fruit, and never EVER snacked between meals. We would go see a movie, and as bad as I wanted some popcorn or a treat, I would refrain myself....but it was ALL I could think about. It wasn't a lifestyle I could live forever and I started to go kind of crazy. You see, I have always been rather healthy, but this was over the top, and I knew it couldn't last forever.

Before I got pregnant with Marloe, I was the healthiest I had been in a while. I worked out every single morning with Colten, six days a week, and never missed! It became our routine, and missing a workout made my whole day feel off. I had a well balanced diet, and didn't over indulge or eat out very much. It helped so much throughout my pregnancy, and I gained weight steadily, which resulted in a super easy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum stage! About two weeks after Marloe's birth, I felt AMAZING. I immediately wanted to get right back into my old routine, and get my post baby body back! With little exercise, and eating healthy I have been slowly getting there. But there are days and weeks, that are just so hard to feel driven or motivated to workout. I found myself making excuses and always telling myself "tomorrow I'll work out". And it didn't always happen.

Something that has helped, is waking up early every morning and immediately putting gym clothes on. This helps me to remember to stay on track, and I'm always more inclined to hit the gym. I also take Marloe on early morning jogs in our BoB Jogger, which I love by the way! Getting outside just makes me happy, and I get some sun and some exercise too! I try to make it to the gym at least twice a week, which isn't nearly as much as I used to go, but it definitely is better than nothing! On the days I don't go to the gym, I pick a body part to workout at home and do some home strength training for at least 15 minutes! Just go on Pinterest and type "Arm workout, leg workout, butt workout, etc." I promise a million things will pull up with different exercises to choose from! I had been doing BBG, but stopped because I didn't want to pay for that, AND a gym pass each month! I am more motivated at the gym anyway, and found it hard to draw motivation to do the BBG workouts sometimes at home.

Another thing I want to talk about is grocery shopping. When you want to eat clean and healthy, you need to buy clean and healthy groceries and ingredients. I don't ever buy junk food at the store, even for my husband, because having access to unhealthy food in your house makes it so much easier to give in and snack I food that isn't good for you. If you're like me, and have a sweet tooth, instead of cookies and desserts, I buy fresh fruit, granola, and yummy Greek yogurt! Obviously it doesn't taste the same as a chocolate chip cookie, but it helps to curve your craving, and it's guilt free!!! Target has some yummy granola options that are super tasty, and taste amazing on top of Greek yogurt! I'll be sharing some favorite snack recipes below for you guys! Anyway, hope you enjoyed my crazy long fitness/health post! Let me know if you have any questions below!!!


Greek Yogurt & Granola: 

I LOVE greek yogurt, and my favorite brand that I always buy is The Greek Gods yogurt brand in honey flavor!!! I pair a scoop of that with some flavored granola. I usually get my granola from Target because they have some awesome organic granola brands that I just LOVE! After pouring some granola on top, I add one small spoonful of almond butter! Seriously this is one of my favorite night time snacks ever...ask my husband. Just make sure your portions are smaller, and you aren't buying super fatty yogurt or granola with lots of sugar in it! :)

Peanut Butter Banana:

This is actually a snack body builder eat for protein and muscle recovery! I just scoop a little peanut butter on a plate and cut up some bananas to eat with it. OR you can slice bananas and dip them into warm melted peanut butter. Then freeze the slices overnight and you have a cold sweet treat! So yummy, and the peanut butter can be almond butter instead, if you like that better!!!

Choco Protein Shake:

If you are craving some chocolate but don't want the extra calories, then this is the perfect treat for you! Add one scoop of chocolate protein into a blender with ice, almond butter, oats, coconut milk, and a banana. It makes a super healthy, high protein treat!!! 

Fruit Medley:

Fruit is my absolute favorite food type! I could eat it always!!! I love cutting up strawberries, putting it in a bowl with some granola, honey, and a scoop of almond butter! This can really work with any fruit, and tastes amazing. I have tried it with cut mango too, and its just delicious!!!


These are some obvious super easy healthy snack ideas!!!! Try them and let me know what you think!!! :)