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Vitamins & Pills During Pregnancy

Ciera Dastrup

It is so important to be picky about what vitamins and medicine you are putting into your body, but even more crucial to be picky when you're expecting. I am a total label/ingredient/review/etc. reader when it comes to vitamins, and especially any sort of medication going into my body!I always try hard to listen to my body after I start taking something new, so I know if my body is reacting well to it! 

Now since becoming pregnant I have looked pretty far and wide for the BEST prenatal vitamin. I wanted to take something that was trusted by other expecting mothers. Thats how I found Healthy Mama Brand products! These prenatal vitamins are OB-GYN and nutritionist recommended! I take their DHA and Prenatal pills and have LOVED them! Other prenatal vitamins leave a gross taste in your mouth, or end up making you feel nauseas a little bit after taking them. I haven't had any of those problems since I switched to Healthy Mama Brand!

Not only do I love their Prenatal and DHA vitamins for pregnancy, but I am psyched over their pain/ache medicine as well. As all pregnant women know, sleeping can be tough, especially when you're dealing with a wiggly baby inside you plus all those aches and pains! It was so hard for me to find a comfortable sleeping position, and I would wake up in the night with a sore back, or achy limbs. Finally NOT ANYMORE!!!!! Healthy Mama Brand also has awesome (and safe) pain medication for expecting mothers! I took their EaZZZe the Pain pill before going to bed, and slept amazing throughout the entire night! I of course take it sparingly, on nights where I feel extra achy, but I love that I have a safe and effective pill to take if I ever need it!

I highly recommend Healthy Mama Brand products to all mamas, and expecting mamas! Shop the products below by clicking on the image!