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iFit Band + Pregnancy Workouts

Ciera Dastrup

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Since I definitely plan on indulging on some yummy holiday treats today, I started my day off with a quick run and ended it at the gym lifting weights! Pregnancy shouldn't stop you from staying active! (Unless directed by doctor of course). I know it can be hard to even got off the couch when your pregnant, especially in the 3rd trimester when your feet start swelling, and your belly is as big as a watermelon! But, with my iFit Vue band it detects when I haven't moved in a little while (not when you're sleeping) and sends me a vibrating reminder to get up and move a little! It tracks my steps, and I can add my net calories on it to make sure I am eating to right amount for my body! I will be using this long after pregnancy as well! I love my iFit band and I can't remember what I did without it! PLUS it comes in stylish colors :) 

Below are a few of my favorite quick & easy pregnancy workouts! (Most I did before pregnancy as well!)

A1.  20 Cable Presses

A2.  20 Plie Squats

A3.  20 Straight Arm Pulldowns

A4.  20 Deadlifts

A5.  20 Shoulder Presses

A6.  20 Dips

A7.  20 Barbell Presses

Rest 120 seconds and repeat 2 more times.

- See more at: http://michellemariefit.publishpath.com/full-body-pregnancy-workout#sthash.Upcn9lfr.dpuf