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Dog & Pets

Don't Sweat Your Pet

Ciera Dastrup


When we decided to get our dog Chooiee, we truly didn’t know what we were in for. Colten and I had just got married, and instead of having a baby right away….we decided to ease into parenthood by getting a puppy. How hard could a puppy be right??? Boy, were we in for a surprise.

Chooiee was a rambunctious pup, who loved peeing everywhere, chewing up carpet, and eating everything but his dog food. I quickly realized how much work was required for a dog, and wasn’t sure if we made the right decision.

I am so happy we stuck it out through those first puppy stages with Chooiee, because he has turned into such an amazing dog, and I couldn’t imagine our home without him! Marloe has grown up with him as her pal, and it’s been so cute to see their relationship!!!

Having a super furry dog, in rainy Seattle has been a challenge. He comes in from outside smelling like wet dog every time it rains….and it rains here A LOT. I love our sweet cuddly pup, but that doesn’t mean I have to settle on smelly pet odors lingering around in our house & car!!! That’s why I use Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator to clean smelly pet messes around our home!! Having a pet can have its ups & downs....but a smelly house isn’t a concern anymore!

I also love keeping a bottle of Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator in the backseat if my car, to use after we take Chooiee on walks or to the park! Febreze eliminates pet odors and keeps my car smelling amazing… no one would ever know our sweet pup was ever in there!!!

Some common questions people often have about Febreze:

Q: Are Febreze products safe to use in homes with pets?

A: Febreze offers pet-specific AIR and FABRIC products to target pet odors and safely and effectively eliminate them with Febreze’s OdorClear Technology.

Q: Where are Febreze products sold?

A: The Febreze product line is available at grocery, retail, and mass merchandise stores nationwide including Target, Walmart, Kroger and now PetSmart and Petco.

Q: Where can consumers find more information about Febreze products?

A: More information on the entire Febreze product line can be found at www.febreze.com or www.facebook.com/febreze.

Having a dog can have its ups and downs, but if you’re thinking about taking the plunge to pet parenthood—do it!!! Nothing is better than having a pet best friend & watching them grow alongside your kiddos! Thanks to Febreze you won’t have to worry about those smelly pet messes either!!! Go pick some up from your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com!!!

Thanks to Febreze for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*