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Dog & Pets

Cute Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Ciera Dastrup


I am totally that dog mom that goes to the store, and rarely forgets to get a toy/treat for my pup! I love the excitement Chooiee gets when I come through the door with a new squeaky toy, or a brand new dog bone for him to chew on and play with! I fully plan on getting Chooiee his own Christmas stocking and filling it with his favorite treats and toys this holiday season.

I am partnering with one of my favorite dog toy brands ZippyPaws, to help promote some of their super cute dog toys that they sell on Amazon! I ordered Chooiee all 3 of their new toys, and Ill slowly give him a new one to play with every few weeks. (Dogs are like kids, and get bored of toys quick, so I always rotate out his toys!!!)The toy pictured here is ZippyPaws new Donutz Squeaky Plush toy (in Pumpkin Spice color)!! It has no-stuffing, which is SO NICE if you have a dog that loves to destroy toys!!!

ZippyPaws has a wide variety of plush dog toys to choose from, and I linked some of my favorites below! Spoil your pup this holiday season....or just because! :) We played for hours with Chooiee's Pumpkin Spice Donutz toy at the park, and had such a blast running around with him. Marloe begged for a donut for herself after we played. :)