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Dog & Pets

Chooiee's Paw Spa

Ciera Dastrup

Bathing Chooiee is a big job! Since he is so large and has so much hair, he gets pretty dirty...and fast! Today I teamed up with Oxygenics to showcase their Paw Spa shower head.

Before I had this Paw Spa shower head, I used to take a pitcher from our kitchen and pour water over him to wash him. This took forever, and I could never get every spot on him evenly wet or clean. With this Paw Spa, it's so easy to use and installing it to my shower head was a breeze!

We used it for the first time this week, and it worked wonders, Marloe even helped join in on the job! He doesn't sit still for long, so I was happy that it took way less time using our Paw Spa, and he seemed to like the water pressure! (Like a little Pet massage hehe)!

I definitely recommend heading to your local Walmart and picking on up for yourself if you have pets, or even giving one as a gift to any pet owner in your life!

A perfect holiday gift would be:
-Oxygenics Paw Spa shower head
-Pet bath shampoo/wash
-Pet Treats

Get the Oxygenics Paw Spa and try it for yourself, it's definitely not going anywhere in our house. And Chooiee will be getting bathed a lot more often!