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Dog & Pets

Don't Sweat Your Pet

Ciera Dastrup


When we decided to get our dog Chooiee, we truly didn’t know what we were in for. Colten and I had just got married, and instead of having a baby right away….we decided to ease into parenthood by getting a puppy. How hard could a puppy be right??? Boy, were we in for a surprise.

Chooiee was a rambunctious pup, who loved peeing everywhere, chewing up carpet, and eating everything but his dog food. I quickly realized how much work was required for a dog, and wasn’t sure if we made the right decision.

I am so happy we stuck it out through those first puppy stages with Chooiee, because he has turned into such an amazing dog, and I couldn’t imagine our home without him! Marloe has grown up with him as her pal, and it’s been so cute to see their relationship!!!

Having a super furry dog, in rainy Seattle has been a challenge. He comes in from outside smelling like wet dog every time it rains….and it rains here A LOT. I love our sweet cuddly pup, but that doesn’t mean I have to settle on smelly pet odors lingering around in our house & car!!! That’s why I use Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator to clean smelly pet messes around our home!! Having a pet can have its ups & downs....but a smelly house isn’t a concern anymore!

I also love keeping a bottle of Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator in the backseat if my car, to use after we take Chooiee on walks or to the park! Febreze eliminates pet odors and keeps my car smelling amazing… no one would ever know our sweet pup was ever in there!!!

Some common questions people often have about Febreze:

Q: Are Febreze products safe to use in homes with pets?

A: Febreze offers pet-specific AIR and FABRIC products to target pet odors and safely and effectively eliminate them with Febreze’s OdorClear Technology.

Q: Where are Febreze products sold?

A: The Febreze product line is available at grocery, retail, and mass merchandise stores nationwide including Target, Walmart, Kroger and now PetSmart and Petco.

Q: Where can consumers find more information about Febreze products?

A: More information on the entire Febreze product line can be found at www.febreze.com or www.facebook.com/febreze.

Having a dog can have its ups and downs, but if you’re thinking about taking the plunge to pet parenthood—do it!!! Nothing is better than having a pet best friend & watching them grow alongside your kiddos! Thanks to Febreze you won’t have to worry about those smelly pet messes either!!! Go pick some up from your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com!!!

Thanks to Febreze for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.*


Pup Stocking DIY for the Holidays

Ciera Dastrup


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine. I truly believe in every product/company I feature, and appreciate your support*

Chooiee was my first ‘baby’ we got him a month before I found out I was pregnant with Marloe and he truly was the best cuddle buddy throughout my pregnancy with her. He taught me a lot about taking care of another living thing, and helped prepare me for motherhood! When he was a puppy, he would cry in the middle of the night, and we had to take him out potty multiple times throughout the night as well. It was like having a little baby (KIND OF) and it was much simpler stepping into real life parenthood after taking care of him. He has always been a gentle and loving dog, but after Marloe was born, he became even more gentle & more loving! He loves laying next to her bed as she sleeps, loves licking her sticky hands, and is her ultimate protector. When she first learned to crawl and stand, she would be climbing all over him, and he would let her without moving or budging! Now Marloe loves throwing the ball to him outside, and enjoys taking him to the park so they both can get some energy out! Chooiee is 100% part of the family, and we wouldn’t be complete without him in our lives.

Our first Holiday Season (2 years ago) with our Chooiee was one of the craziest ever. Ten days before Christmas, our daughter Marloe was born, and our lives completely changed! Let’s just say the Holidays weren't our main concern as we were navigating parenthood. I had wanted to be a cute mom & go all out with gifts and stockings for both Chooiee & Marloe....but of course it didn’t happen that way, my only concern was our new baby and trying to get some sleep! Then last year I had such good intentions of making a stocking for Chooiee, but somehow time got away from me & I never made it happen! But I'm not letting that happen this year! I am prepared, and ready to let Chooiee celebrate the holidays with us. I made him this DIY stocking that is supposed to look like him & have gotten him some special presents/treats to go inside it!

After I made this stocking, I headed to Walmart and picked up some of Chooiee’s favorite treats and toys to fill it up with. I am sharing some of the products I bought for him today, and also sharing this fun DIY project to create the perfect stocking for your pup!

My mother in law started this awesome tradition many many years ago, where she made stockings that resemble her 3 kids. When each of her kids got married, she made one for their spouses (one of them being me!) as well. As we have all started having kids, each of our kiddos have one now, and it's so fun seeing their excitement each year as we get the stockings out. My sister in law has a cute little dog named Bentley, and she made him his own stocking two years ago! I had totally been slacking on making Chooiee his stocking, but finally got around to doing it this year...with a little help from my mother in law!



-1 plain white (or any color base) cotton stocking

-Yarn that is the color of your pup

-Eyes (from the craft department)

-Felt fabric for the tongue/nose (any color you want)


-Hot Glue Gun

-Sewing machine (or you can hand stitch)

-Hair comb


1. Stitch or sew on the yarn, by looping it in small (or large if your dog has longer hair like mine) circles. You can sew it in any direction/way, based off the shape of your pup!

2. Hot glue gun the eyes, and the felt mouth/nose wherever you want to on the stocking! 

3. Once everything is set and dry, brush out the yarn gently to make it look like the texture of dog hair/fur!

4. Add on any additional pieces (like a fun collar) that are unique to your dog! 


I ran to Walmart and picked up some of Chooiee's favorite dog treats to put inside the stocking from the dog treat aisle. I grabbed a big box of Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks because he not only LOVES them, but they feature the same teeth cleaning and vitamin-enriched goodness of Milk-Bone Original biscuits but in five delicious flavors!! We give him a treat on our walks, and when he does tricks for Marloe! He is such a good pup and shows us so much unconditional love, so he deserves a little something from time to time!

I also grabbed some Pup-Peroni, Original Beef Flavor dog treats for his stocking. These are probably his favorite treats EVER. He can smell when I buy them, and I have to hid them or else he begs and begs and begs for one haha (sounds like my toddler with her treats lol) I feel good knowing that real beef if the #1 ingredient too! So I definitely don't mind treating my pup to one often!

I grabbed some of his favorite chew toys from Walmart as well, and plan on putting the rest of them in his stocking, closer to the big day! He goes though toys so quickly, so I will probably give him one to play with every couple of weeks! :)

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Holiday stocking ides for your pup! If you're not the creative type, and plan on buying an already made one, thats fine too! Just don't forget to head to the dog isle at Walmart to grab your pup some yummy treats...like the ones I mentioned above! 




Cute Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Ciera Dastrup


I am totally that dog mom that goes to the store, and rarely forgets to get a toy/treat for my pup! I love the excitement Chooiee gets when I come through the door with a new squeaky toy, or a brand new dog bone for him to chew on and play with! I fully plan on getting Chooiee his own Christmas stocking and filling it with his favorite treats and toys this holiday season.

I am partnering with one of my favorite dog toy brands ZippyPaws, to help promote some of their super cute dog toys that they sell on Amazon! I ordered Chooiee all 3 of their new toys, and Ill slowly give him a new one to play with every few weeks. (Dogs are like kids, and get bored of toys quick, so I always rotate out his toys!!!)The toy pictured here is ZippyPaws new Donutz Squeaky Plush toy (in Pumpkin Spice color)!! It has no-stuffing, which is SO NICE if you have a dog that loves to destroy toys!!!

ZippyPaws has a wide variety of plush dog toys to choose from, and I linked some of my favorites below! Spoil your pup this holiday season....or just because! :) We played for hours with Chooiee's Pumpkin Spice Donutz toy at the park, and had such a blast running around with him. Marloe begged for a donut for herself after we played. :)






Chooiee's Paw Spa

Ciera Dastrup

Bathing Chooiee is a big job! Since he is so large and has so much hair, he gets pretty dirty...and fast! Today I teamed up with Oxygenics to showcase their Paw Spa shower head.

Before I had this Paw Spa shower head, I used to take a pitcher from our kitchen and pour water over him to wash him. This took forever, and I could never get every spot on him evenly wet or clean. With this Paw Spa, it's so easy to use and installing it to my shower head was a breeze!

We used it for the first time this week, and it worked wonders, Marloe even helped join in on the job! He doesn't sit still for long, so I was happy that it took way less time using our Paw Spa, and he seemed to like the water pressure! (Like a little Pet massage hehe)!

I definitely recommend heading to your local Walmart and picking on up for yourself if you have pets, or even giving one as a gift to any pet owner in your life!

A perfect holiday gift would be:
-Oxygenics Paw Spa shower head
-Pet bath shampoo/wash
-Pet Treats

Get the Oxygenics Paw Spa and try it for yourself, it's definitely not going anywhere in our house. And Chooiee will be getting bathed a lot more often!