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Current Beauty Faves

Ciera Dastrup

Hi guys! I go back and forth constantly with different hair and face products. There are just SO MANY to choose from, and I love trying new things. But currently these are a 'few' of my favorites. I love volumized, yet silky hair...so I have the products I use here! And I also have dry skin in the Winter from all this cold! So I added my favorite skin moisturizing products! 


Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Ciera Dastrup

Vacationing is always tough, especially when you don't have a lot of room to pack. I usually bring a few of my favorite makeup products. Here is the deal, no one looks good wearing a full face of makeup on the beach. Usually your face ends up looking like its melting, and mascara is in every corner of your eyes. I put together a couple of my favorite tropical vacation products! These are perfect for a light effortless makeup look, and they actually protect your skin as well. I opt out of thick foundations and go for a natural looking BB cream, and this Maybelline one is amazing and looks so natural on. Then I always bring a bronzer instead of bright blush, and I love the matte look this NARS one gives off (and it doesnt leave you looking orange). Lip balm can be bought anywhere, but I do love this round Bobbi Brown lip treatment balm. And of course a little bit of lip gloss loos good, especially if youre wanting a little bit of color on your lips instead of bright lipstick! Then without a doubt you need WATERPROOF mascara!!!!! (Or don't wear any at all). Click on the photos to be redirected to each product! Xo

Organic Face Scrub

Ciera Dastrup

Hey guys! Winter & cold weather can be harsh on your skin! I have been looking for new ways to exfoliate my skin, without drying it out! I have recently teamed up with this amazing company BottlesBlooms that makes PALEO & ORGANIC face scrubs in different scents and flavors! My skin seriously has never felt so smooth or been so clear! I am wearing little to no foundation now and it feels great! The company is new and for a limited time you can get 50% off with code "YOURSTRULYCIERA" checkout. This is the perfect gift for you or your friends & family! Link to website at bottom of page!

No foundation!!

Click on images below to be taken to their Etsy shop!

Sonia Kashuk Brushes

Ciera Dastrup


I am always shocked at how expensive nice makeup brushes are when strolling through my local Sephora and Ulta. ONE brush for 20$???????? No thank you! That's until I was at Target and came across the brand Sonia Kashuk in the makeup isle, and instantly fell in love with the look of their brushes! And I got FIVE brushes for only $16.99 which is a great deal! They not only look adorable, but work amazing as well! They also have other awesome products like these lovely smelling hand lotions, perfect for a gift or to carry around in your purse with you!

Head on over to your local Target & pick some up! Lots of colors and varieties to choose from! Or scroll to the bottom of this page & get your own online!

Fall Beauty Favorites

Ciera Dastrup

Here is a small list of my current favorite skincare/hair products. I have posted a couple of these before (Like the Peter Thomas Roth face wash) because I freaking LOVE IT! Shop from these and tell me what you think! 

Yours Truly, Ciera

Glowing Skin

Ciera Dastrup

I love the matte finish look as much as the rest of you when it comes to my make-up, but every once in a while a nice glow or dewy finish is exactly what I'm looking for. Glowy skin is perfect for date night make-up and can really give you a super sultry look! Here are a few of my favorite products to obtain that dewy look.

Found on http://theaffairblog.blogspot.com.au/

Found on http://theaffairblog.blogspot.com.au/

NARS NARS NARS! They really do have some of the best products when it comes to getting that glowy shimmery sexy look!

I brush the illuminator over my cheekbones, and down the line of my nose. You can also use it in the creases of your eyes, and along your jawline. Use the contour blush over your cheeks, to give you that flushed face look, and to define your cheekbones. Use the eyeshadow for a suble smokey eye, and be sure to blend blend blend!!

a. NARS "contour blush duo in paloma"

b. NARS "eyeshadow duo in isolde"

c. NARS "illuminator in orgasm"

Yours Truly, Ciera 

Fall Nail & Lip Color Hues

Ciera Dastrup

Hi friends and viewers! My favorite season has begun...FALL! I love this season, I know I have said that so many times in my previous posts..lol! Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a little fall nail and lip color inspiration! These are some of my favorites, and I feel like fall is more of a subtle color season when it comes to make-up and nails!





Here are some of my favorites!! 







Yours Truly, Ciera

Travel Beauty Favorites

Ciera Dastrup

No matter where you're headed or traveling to, you need to keep a good skincare & beauty routine. That means you need to wash your face, apply sunscreen, and use products that agree with your skin.

I love to travel, but leaving home doesn't mean leaving your products at home too. I have a few "Travel Favorites" that I take with me, because not all of my big face washes and hair products can all fit in my bag! You can of course opt for smaller (sample) sizes in your favorite products, but also take things that will help with whatever environment you'll be traveling to. aka. sunscreen for the beach, and oil for your hair in crazy humidity. So just pack accordingly!

Here are a list of my few favorite travel MUST HAVES. (Keep in mind, this isn't everything, but the products I won't leave home without!

Travel Beauty Favorites

(From left to right) ^^

AMIKA DRY SHAMPOO - Use for whether your re-vamping your hair after a long flight, or you just didn't have time to wash it that morning. This dry shampoo smells amazing, and is by far one of my favorites!

AMAZING GRACE DEODORANT -This stuff smells SO GOOD, and works like magic. I take it with me to Hawaii, and places that are really humid so I don't sweat! 


(From left to right)^^

TRADER JOE'S COCONUT OIL - I really like the consistency of this coconut oil, and the fact that it is organic. (but any coconut oil would work). I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. It can be used to moisturize your body and face. Its especially good for people with dry skin or eczema.

REN GENTLE CLEANSING MILK - Ren skincare is my favorite. There products are super sensitive, but they work super well. This face wash helps to eliminate environmental aggressors, which makes it perfect when traveling to a new place and not knowing what in that environment is going to upset your skin. Try it for yourself!

COTTON SWABS - Obviously you can buy these just about anywhere! I use these of course to keep my ears clean, but also to clean smudged under eye makeup after a long flight, or after jumping in the ocean/pool. They are just good to have on hand!


(From left to right)^^

BENEFIT HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW - This foundation is lightweight on your skin, and is perfect for traveling to tropical places where you don't want a lot of makeup on your face.

STRIVECTIN 360 EYECREAM - All around my favorite under eye cream. Tightens and firms, and helps with dark circles and puffiness. If you have jet-lag or you just want to protect your skin from wrinkles then this product is for you!

SUN BUM SUNSCREEN - The smell, the look. I just love this sunscreen for traveling! 

Yours Truly, Ciera