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Folica.com Hair Favorites

Ciera Dastrup

If you're anything like me, beauty and hair products overflow out of my bathroom drawers. I can't get enough because I really like trying everything! Don't get me wrong, I have a few hair product staples that I cannot live without...but for the most part I like changing it up! I love beauty/hair stores that have it all! One of my favorites is www.Folica.com! That place has such a vast selection of hair products that you can really get it all in one place! I have a youtube tutorial featuring a couple of my current favorite Folica products! Check it out HERE! Also, for all my readers and followers here is an exclusive 10% discount off your oder at Folica.com using code YOURSTRULYCIERA at checkout!

Pregnancy Skincare Essentials

Ciera Dastrup

I have always been really good about moisturizing my skin, but now even more since becoming pregnant. Moisturizing helps keep your skin from becoming dry and itchy, and during pregnancy it helps to prevent stretchmarks and irritated skin. I have researched high and low for amazing products to put on my skin and growing belly and these 3 are my favorite. Whether or not you're pregnant these products are awesome, and I highly recommend them. They don't use harmful ingredients and they won't hurt you or the baby!


Ciera Dastrup

So I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a new foundation. It is so dry here in New Mexico, but SO HOT. So I needed a foundation that wasn't greasy but helped to moisturize my skin, and I found just that! With this CLARINS PARIS Everlasting Foundation. It blends so well, and is perfect for Summer, because its lightweight and doesn't feel cakey on your skin! You guys it smells amazing too, not like normal foundation....If you don't believe me that this foundation is the bomb, then believe the 4.9 out of 5 stars on Macys.com and 4.5 on Amazon! 

Not only do I love my new foundation, but I also love these Odacite skincare products! The toning spray helps to lock the moisture into my skin, and helps to set my foundation as well! I really like Odacite's serums as well (on the right). They are natural, and I put them on right before going to bed.

Sole Serum

Ciera Dastrup

As many of you might not know I was a dancer for 16+ years of my life. I trained in all sorts of styles, including Ballet Pointe that really jacked up my feet. Being on my feet sooo much made it hard to walk in heels for longer than an hour. My feet start to get sore, and I end up looking for the closest seat to relieve some of this pain! Then I discovered SOLE SERUM, and it has changed my life. It fits perfectly in any bag, and can be taken anywhere....on a date, to prom, work, business meetings, and wherever else you can dream up! Just use a couple pumps for each foot, wait a minute, and you're good to go!

Love my Skin!-Creme Simon Review

Ciera Dastrup

I started using the Creme Simon skincare products about one month ago. I started with oily skin, with redness in some areas (around my eyes, nose, and chin). I had high hopes with these products, and I'm happy to say they exceeded my expectations!!! My skin has never felt softer, or had more of an even skin tone. 

Shop them HERE

Hover over the products, to see my review for each item specifically!


Summer Sun/Skincare MVP

Ciera Dastrup

Summer is on it's way, and since the Spring heat is setting in (at least here in New Mexico) I thought I would share some of my MVP (Most Valuable Products) with all of you! 

A lot of people think sunscreen is only needed with you're at the beach or pool, or some tropical island! That is so NOT the case! You should be wearing a sunscreen face lotion everyday, rain or shine! You're face always needs protection from the sun! And my MVP daily face sunscreen is by Enza Essentials SPF 30! I put it on under my makeup to protect my skin against this New Mexican dry heat. I also recently discovered a new "All Natural/Organic" face mask from TruSelf Organics ! This stuff is the bomb! You just mix it with water, and apply directly to your face! It hardens and helps to wipe away blackheads, and shrink pores! In warmer months, oily skin is more apparent and excessive oil can lead to clogged pores. Nobody wants acne while they're bare faced at the pool or beach...so I highly recommend using this mask. 

Now....I am a naturally tan person, but to add a little extra color to my skin I use this AHMAZING (again) all natural sunless tanner from Australia called ECOTAN! This product looks so effortlessly natural, that no one will EVER know its a sunless tan! I use their Himalayan Salt Scrub in the shower, then moisturize the dry areas of my skin before applying the Sunless Tanner. No need to spend harmful hours in the sun anymore!!! You have a quick & easy tan in just moments. PLUS...It will not stain your clothing or bed sheets! Now that alone is worth it to me :)

Skincare Review-AlureVe

Ciera Dastrup


Reviewed this seriously life changing product! I have been using AlureVe products for over two weeks now and I have already seen a different in my skin. I may only be twenty, and I don't have wrinkles or anything majorly wrong with my skin...but that doesn't mean it'll always be that way. So I am taking steps to PREVENT wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone! Aging is natural and beautiful, but we should all still be taking care of the skin we're in, and helping it feel and look it's very best. I have had tighter, clearer, and glowing skin. It's so easy too, a day & night cream that is lightweight and looks good under makeup. I also have been using their under eye patches. You wear them to bed, and you wake up looking more alert without under eye puffiness! I HIGHLY recommend AlureVe Products for people of all ages. I promise I only promote and recommend products I truly believe in. Try for yourself today babes! And look and feel your best yet!

Hair-Curling Essentials

Ciera Dastrup


Hi all! Its crazy snowing here, and I just found some time to sit down and blog my heart out! I have lots of exciting new posts for all of new, and products I am sure you will all love! Today, I decided to write about my favorite hair products for when I curl my hair! Recently I stumbled upon this Lorion Beauty curling wand. For those of you that have never used a wand, I highly recommend it! They give your hair a softer more natural wave, instead of a spirally out-of-date 1990's curl lol! Anyway, I have tried lots of curling wands, and this one is my favorite! You know when you've been curling your hair for a while and your arm starts to get tired...well this curling wand is so lightweight it doesn't make you feel like you're getting an arm workout! It also gets extra hot for fast curling, so you don't need to leave it burning your hair forever just to get the "perfect" curl!

I also love this Sedu hair oil from Folica! My hair can sometimes look dry and distressed after using heated-products! So to keep it looking shiny and smooth, I put a couple drops in my hand after curling my hair and just lightly sweep it across the ends and anywhere its needed! In the end my hair looks effortlessly silky and smooth, and the curls look soft and luscious! Sedu hair oil is a definite MUST for me! 

These are 'some' products I use for my hair when wanting a curly full bodied hair look! Click the images to be redirected!


Ciera Dastrup


Skincare is a HUGE deal to me. I try to take very good care of my skin, and use only the best products when it comes to my face! Recently I started using a brand called Klurskin. I love trying new products, and was extra impressed that their products were free of sulfates, parabens, and synthetic dyes! Who wants that stuff on their face anyway!! Not me! I washed my face with their Rose and White Tea cleanser, and then dabbed some of Klurskin's Tea Tree & Eucalyptus face serum all over my face and went to bed! This stuff smells like a dream, and I even put a bit on my husband (shhh....don't tell!) We both LOVED it! We woke up feeling refreshed, and our skin was glowing! These products are my new daily skincare ritual! I cannot recommend Klurskin more! It's skincare that is catered to your specific skincare needs! The best thing about these products, is that they are totally adorable too! Whether you have the occasional breakout, oily skin, or just want a product to leave your face soft and glowing, Klurskin products do it all! 

Check their website out---> KLURSKIN & just because I love my readers so much use code (TRULYCIERA+KLURSKIN) at checkout for 20% OFF your order!

Below are the products I love and use!

Click on them to be redirected to shop!