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My Hair Secret

Ciera Dastrup

One of the worst things EVER, just happened....I wrote out my entire blog post, and thought I clicked save...but I didn't. Instead I completely deleted it, and now here I am re-writing the entire thing. Ugh, I'm sure other bloggers feel my pain. Anyway, here it goes haha!

Today I am sharing one of my hair secrets with you. If you follow me on social media, you know I recently lightened my hair. It was a long time coming, I hadn't done anything to my hair for almost two years after a stylist completely ruined my hair when I was pregnant with Marloe.

I love changing my hair up, and especially love adding highlights in the Summer. The only problem with that is, that bleach is SO damaging to hair. It makes it tangled, super frayed, and even frizzy if not taken care of properly.

I know many of you love changing your hair up to, so today i am featuring an awesome new product that I swear by. A few weeks ago I was sent a Satin-Lined Cap(s) by Grace Eleyae to try. This Satin Lined Cap helps to keep hair moisturized, protected and knot-free while sleeping, and stay in place day or night, thanks to each cap’s elastic band. For some reason, having a baby changed my hair and made it way more tangled. I spend 20+ minutes every morning jsut combing it out, and I hated it! Now instead, I wrap my hair up in my new Satin-Lined Cap(s) by Grace Eleyae and go to bed. Now when I wake up, I just take off the cap (or wear it, its so cute) and go! No need to spend time brushing out tangles or taming the frizz.

I also have been loving it for the days Colten and I take the top off our Jeep. I put my hair up or down in my Satin-Lined Cap(s) by Grace Eleyae and it stays in place with all that wind. Best thing ever, and its so cute. I have the grey one, and it goes with almost every outfit. You can wear them to sleep as a protective barrier between your hair and harsh materials, and/or you can wear them out and about as a cute cap that of course, is a protective barrier between your hair and harsh outside materials.

This is my new hair beauty product MUST HAVE. I took it with me on my last trip to Park City, and plan on taking it on many more....since I cant live without it now. Who doesn't love healthy shiny hair? Buy your own  Satin-Lined Cap(s) by Grace Eleyae now!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.