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Skincare that Makes a Difference

Ciera Dastrup


Skincare is something I am pretty passionate about. I want healthy skin, that's vibrant, smooth, and clear! I love trying different products, and if I love them, I make them part of my daily routine.

Reverently I started using some skincare products from Goldfaden MD. Goldfaden is a skincare company founded by a dermatologist, and uses awesome ingredients to make effective products. I want to share a few things about the products I have been using, and why they are so important!

Face Oil: Face oil is sooo important, and many people don't like the "idea" of putting oil on their skin. But actually face oil can be really beneficial to your overall skin! It helps moisturizer dry skin, prevents wrinkles, shrinks pores, and can even be a great makeup primer! I have been using Native Botanical Cell Oil from Goldfaden MD, and I LOVE IT! I use it night and day, and my skin is so smooth and moisturized! I get super dry skin from living in New Mexico, and this oil helps so much! I love the look of supple, hydrated skin...and this product gives me just that!

Face Serum: "Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin."-HuffPost
I have always loved products that are lightweight, yet effective. The brightening Elixir Face Serum from Goldfaden MD, helps to brighten my skin tone, and repairs damaged skin! I have a couple acne scars and dark marks that I have already seen fading since I started using this serum! Good quality serums are so mandatory for clear, bright skin!

Exfoliator: I used to be so good about exfoliating my skin weekly. But for a little bit, I stopped doing it because motherhood somehow got in the way. A few weeks back I began using Goldfadens Exfloiator "Doctor Scrub", and I am absolutely amazed by the results of how smooth my skin feels! Their exfoliator is so soft, yet insanely effective at removing excess dead skin, and evening out your skin tone! Even Colten started using it, and hasn't stopped!

These three products are part of my weekly and daily skincare routine! It's so important to develop a routine with high quality products that work well with your skin type! Try Goldfaden MD products for yourself, and see what works for you!!!