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Blush Used 4 Ways

Ciera Dastrup

Fall & Winter can be so hard on our skin. To keep my skin healthy, and looking young I don't tan at all in the colder seasons. I think it's super important to give your skin a break from the Sun!!

I naturally have olive skin, but it doesn't mean I don't feel like my skin looks pale or dull when it hasn't seen the sun. That's why I love blush! I use blush in so many more ways, than just on my cheek bones! I am sharing my favorite ways to use blush, so you can get the most out of your blush and feel pretty and bright in the Winter!

This is the obvious place to use blush. But many people make the mistake of putting blush in a circular motion on their cheeks, or using a color that is way to dark for their complexion! Find a blush that is soft and natural, and adds a slight color to your face! Also, make sure you blend blend blend! Don't brush it on in a streaky, unnatural way. Instead dab it on slightly, and use soft foundation powder to blend it together on your face!

I often use blush on my lips! I moisturizer my lips first to prep them! Then I take a Q-tip and gently dab it onto my blush. I put it on my lips, and go as light or as dark as I want! It creates a natural look, and it matches perfectly to your cheeks! (If you used the same color)

I have some dark plum blushes that look great with my brown eyes! I love the natural look of blush as eyeshadow! I first brush on a neutral eyeshadow color over my entire lid. I then take my eyeshadow brush and dab it onto my plum blush color. I trace it across my eyelid line, just above my eyelashes. To blend I take a Q-tip and slightly brush it across my eyelid!

This is probably the most different way I use blush! I first tried it after I saw Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni do it in a couple of her Instagram posts. See HERE and HERE. It gives the appearance of a little sun burn! As weird as it sounds, I actually LOVE the way it looks. Obviously don't put too much, or you will look like Rudolph, or like you have a terrible cold. But just enough to give off the appearance that you've been sunbathing all day! :)

Is there any other ways you like using blush??