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Hair-Curling Essentials

Ciera Dastrup


Hi all! Its crazy snowing here, and I just found some time to sit down and blog my heart out! I have lots of exciting new posts for all of new, and products I am sure you will all love! Today, I decided to write about my favorite hair products for when I curl my hair! Recently I stumbled upon this Lorion Beauty curling wand. For those of you that have never used a wand, I highly recommend it! They give your hair a softer more natural wave, instead of a spirally out-of-date 1990's curl lol! Anyway, I have tried lots of curling wands, and this one is my favorite! You know when you've been curling your hair for a while and your arm starts to get tired...well this curling wand is so lightweight it doesn't make you feel like you're getting an arm workout! It also gets extra hot for fast curling, so you don't need to leave it burning your hair forever just to get the "perfect" curl!

I also love this Sedu hair oil from Folica! My hair can sometimes look dry and distressed after using heated-products! So to keep it looking shiny and smooth, I put a couple drops in my hand after curling my hair and just lightly sweep it across the ends and anywhere its needed! In the end my hair looks effortlessly silky and smooth, and the curls look soft and luscious! Sedu hair oil is a definite MUST for me! 

These are 'some' products I use for my hair when wanting a curly full bodied hair look! Click the images to be redirected!