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Summer Sun/Skincare MVP

Ciera Dastrup

Summer is on it's way, and since the Spring heat is setting in (at least here in New Mexico) I thought I would share some of my MVP (Most Valuable Products) with all of you! 

A lot of people think sunscreen is only needed with you're at the beach or pool, or some tropical island! That is so NOT the case! You should be wearing a sunscreen face lotion everyday, rain or shine! You're face always needs protection from the sun! And my MVP daily face sunscreen is by Enza Essentials SPF 30! I put it on under my makeup to protect my skin against this New Mexican dry heat. I also recently discovered a new "All Natural/Organic" face mask from TruSelf Organics ! This stuff is the bomb! You just mix it with water, and apply directly to your face! It hardens and helps to wipe away blackheads, and shrink pores! In warmer months, oily skin is more apparent and excessive oil can lead to clogged pores. Nobody wants acne while they're bare faced at the pool or beach...so I highly recommend using this mask. 

Now....I am a naturally tan person, but to add a little extra color to my skin I use this AHMAZING (again) all natural sunless tanner from Australia called ECOTAN! This product looks so effortlessly natural, that no one will EVER know its a sunless tan! I use their Himalayan Salt Scrub in the shower, then moisturize the dry areas of my skin before applying the Sunless Tanner. No need to spend harmful hours in the sun anymore!!! You have a quick & easy tan in just moments. PLUS...It will not stain your clothing or bed sheets! Now that alone is worth it to me :)