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Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Ciera Dastrup

Vacationing is always tough, especially when you don't have a lot of room to pack. I usually bring a few of my favorite makeup products. Here is the deal, no one looks good wearing a full face of makeup on the beach. Usually your face ends up looking like its melting, and mascara is in every corner of your eyes. I put together a couple of my favorite tropical vacation products! These are perfect for a light effortless makeup look, and they actually protect your skin as well. I opt out of thick foundations and go for a natural looking BB cream, and this Maybelline one is amazing and looks so natural on. Then I always bring a bronzer instead of bright blush, and I love the matte look this NARS one gives off (and it doesnt leave you looking orange). Lip balm can be bought anywhere, but I do love this round Bobbi Brown lip treatment balm. And of course a little bit of lip gloss loos good, especially if youre wanting a little bit of color on your lips instead of bright lipstick! Then without a doubt you need WATERPROOF mascara!!!!! (Or don't wear any at all). Click on the photos to be redirected to each product! Xo