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Glowing Skin

Ciera Dastrup

I love the matte finish look as much as the rest of you when it comes to my make-up, but every once in a while a nice glow or dewy finish is exactly what I'm looking for. Glowy skin is perfect for date night make-up and can really give you a super sultry look! Here are a few of my favorite products to obtain that dewy look.

Found on http://theaffairblog.blogspot.com.au/

Found on http://theaffairblog.blogspot.com.au/

NARS NARS NARS! They really do have some of the best products when it comes to getting that glowy shimmery sexy look!

I brush the illuminator over my cheekbones, and down the line of my nose. You can also use it in the creases of your eyes, and along your jawline. Use the contour blush over your cheeks, to give you that flushed face look, and to define your cheekbones. Use the eyeshadow for a suble smokey eye, and be sure to blend blend blend!!

a. NARS "contour blush duo in paloma"

b. NARS "eyeshadow duo in isolde"

c. NARS "illuminator in orgasm"

Yours Truly, Ciera