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How to Make a Happy Home for Your Dog

Ciera Dastrup

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GrowingUpPurina #CollectiveBias
I can’t imagine our home without our Goldendoodle, Chooiee. He truly completes our family. and I love watching him and the girls grow up together! Having him around definitely makes our home happier!
Dogs are happy animals, plain and simple. After having Chooiee for a couple of years, we have learned so many tricks & tips to making our already happy dog—even happier!
Here are some tips on making your dog a little extra happy today!!!
Buy a Kiddie Pool
Summers can get hot for dogs, and there is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool! Most dogs love to swim, so why not give them a special kiddie pool that’s all their own? Put some water-friendly dog toys in there so they know that it is a special place they can go to cool off whenever they want!!! If you have kids, they will love it too!!!

Let them Destroy Their Toys
I know what you’re thinking,……I just paid for that! Well, it’s actually in your best interest to let your dog wrangle their toys around, even to the point of no return. Dogs need to exercise their animal instincts and destroying toys helps them stay sharp. Change your toys up every now & then to keep things interesting for your pup!!!

Take them on Car Rides with You
We often run quick errands with our kids, but why not our dogs?? Chooiee loves going on car rides with us, and loves being along for the action! I take him to the Coffee shop with me, and he loves getting all the attention from all the baristas in the drive-thru! :) It wwould get boring being stuck home all day….so a quick trip to the market with your pup could help change up their routine—and make them happier!! Be sure not to leave your pup in the car in extreme cold/hot temperatures! 

Feed them Good Food
We recently switched to Purina® ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Premium Real Turkey & Venison Dry Dog Food for Chooiee, and he has since been much more active & alert!!! Feeding your pet wholesome dog food is SO IMPORTANT! Purina® ONE® True Instinct is dedicated to the lifelong potential of your pet. 
  • 30% protein content helps support strong muscles
  • Real turkey is the #1 ingredient and real venison
  • Two times the tender, meaty morsels compared to Purina ONE Lamb & Rice Formula
  • No poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Natural plus vitamins and minerals adult dog food
You can sign your dog up to take the 28 day challenge on purinaone.com and receive $3 off coupon!!!! Purchase at your local Target or online at Target.com! There are so many amazing Purina® ONE SmartBlend dog food options to choose from!! See HERE!

Take them to the Park
Just like humans need exercise…dogs need exercise too! Having a dog is a great excuse to get out of the house, and get moving at the park!!! Chooiee always is a much more relaxed and happy dog at home when we gets some runs in at the park!!! Not only does it tire our big pup out, but also our two kiddos from chasing him around! WIN WIN!

Give them their Own Space 
Give your dogs a space that is just theirs! We have a spot for Chooiee, with a bed + some toys! He loves retreating to his bed for naps, and definitely treats that spot as his “safe zone”!!! He hides toys in his spot, and takes all his favorite toys there to play with!

Play More!!!!
Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, getting some playtime in with your dog will build your relationship and allow you both to have fun. Dogs get bored and they want to play, even if they’re are a bit older!! I always try my best to buy Chooiee a new toy to surprise him with! He seriously gets so excited, and can;t wait to get outside to play with me!!! 
Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you make your home as happy as possible for your furry friends!

Natural Care for my Family

Ciera Dastrup


Do any of your kiddos have super sensitive skin? ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Marloe and Sorel have extremely sensitive skin, and I have to be super cautious about everything & anything that touches their bodies. That means no perfumes, dyes, or harsh chemicals in ANY of the products we use on them!

Marloe has severe Eczema, and even water that is too warm can cause an outbreak on her skin. Back when we first discovered Marloe’s Eczema, we decided to make the switch to more natural products that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin.
That's why we use Huggies Natural Care wipes!! They are the # 1 branded wipe and are made with 99% water so you won’t find any of those harsh & unnecessary chemicals getting on your kiddos! These safe and gentle wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested , and enriched with aloe and vitamin E to keep your baby's skin healthy!!!

You can pick these wipes up at Walmart! Or you can shop them using this Ibotta link: https://ibotta.com/rebates?q=HuggiesNaturalCareWipes

Post sponsored by Huggies Natural Care* All opinions and thoughts are my own.


Mom Hacks

Ciera Dastrup

GK6B5573 (1).jpg


Being a full time stay at home mom, and running my own business stretches me thin every day. I chase two toddlers around all day long, run errands, make appointments, work on my computer, and try to keep a tidy house…..all while being attentive to my kids & husbands needs! J It truly is a balancing act, and I have discovered over the years that I can’t do it all without a little help! I have found some amazing “Mom Hacks” that really make all the difference in my own life. Today I am teaming up with Cascade pure essentials to share my hacks in hope to help other mama’s alleviate the stress in their own lives!!


I know I am not the only one that absolutely hates dirty dishes in the sink. It stinks up the house, and if left undone, it begins to stack up…and starts to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa—dish style. I get major anxiety when the dishes are left in the sink, and I have made it my mission to get them done the second the dishwasher is emptied and ready to be filled again. I just don’t have time to pre-wash the dishes, fill them in the dishwasher, and then have to wash them again after they weren’t completely cleaned properly. I rely on products that work, and work the first time! That is why I switched to Cascade pure essentials dish detergent, and I haven’t looked back since! Cascade pure essentials offers a dependable clean with a simplified formula that meets the most important needs of today’s families – no compromise necessary!!! It has biobased* ingredients and is free of phosphates and chlorine bleach.I call this a “Mom Hack” because dishes are the WORST, and this product makes it way less stressful! Ps. Through March 30, get a $1 off Cascade pure essentials using Cartwheel in the Target App here.






I used to have the same phone call with my husband every day, while he was at work. I would ask it him what sounded good for dinner…and he would tell me “ I don’t care, I am good with anything!” UGH. NO HELP, and now I turn to Pinterest and scroll endlessly to find a recipe, only to find a page full of confusing ingredients & instructions. I end up at giving up, and go to the store and buy the same old ingredients for the same old meal that I make every other day! I don’t have time to get to the store most days with my busy schedule…and taking the kiddos in and out of their carseats to run in “quickly” to the store, never ends up being quick at all. I finally decided to try out some Meal delivery kits, and I have been SO HAPPY ever since!!! I no longer have to worry about what to make, and the menu & ingredients are sent straight to our door!!! No more stress, and my family LOVES all the different recipes we have made! MOM WIN FOR SURE!!!




Clutter causes anxiety. Plain and simple! Studies have shown this to be true, and yet most of us parents have households full of stuff we don’t need. I realized pretty quickly that I am happier when my house is clean of junk & clutter. I go through my kid’s toys, clothing, and games often…and donate everything we don’t use or need to Goodwill. What works best for me is having a bin in our garage that I fill up with things I want to donate throughout the week. It helps me to have the bin in the garage, so that I don’t end up putting the items back away in my house from it sitting out. I live about 5 minutes from Goodwill, so I take donations almost weekly! I am able to think clearer, and feel less stressed when I am not crowded with things, and when the things we do keep are where they are supposed to be!

Hope you try out these “Mom Hacks” to help you live a more stress free life!

*⅓ biobased ingredients

This post is sponsored by Cascade, all opinions are my own.